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New Tricks Season 9 Episode 1  The Metropolitan Police set up a new unit, UCOS, which stands for Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad, to investigate previously unsolved crimes. Led by Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman, the team is made up of retired policemen Jack Halford, Brian Lane and Gerry Standing. Their first case is to investigate the murder of a nightclub hostess. The man who was convicted of killing her is released on appeal after serving twenty years in prison, having always claimed his innocence.

The renewed investigation eventually produces proof of his innocence, but also his guilt of a different murder. In the end the team finds proof that the man's wife killed the nightclub hostess out of jealousy.

Although the main New Tricks Season 9 Episode 1  part of series one was broadcast in 2004, the pilot episode of the series was broadcast in 2003. In total, the series featured seven episodes, and was produced by Gina Cronk. The theme music for episodes 1–3 was different from that used for every episode after. Series one did not originally carry any titles, however, for digital repeats and the DVD release were given titles for clarification.
Title     Writer     Director     Airdate     Original rating[14]
1     "The Chinese Job"     Roy Mitchell     Graham Theakston     27 March 2003     6.69 million

New Tricks Season 9 Episode 1 New Tricks is a British television drama. To date, 67 episodes across a total of eight series have been broadcast between 2003 and 2011. The BBC has commissioned a ninth series to air in 2012 and a tenth series for 2013, which will contain ten episodes each, just like the two previous ones.

Guest starring: Philip Bretherton, Jon Finch, Jill Baker, Michael Culver, Sarah Berger, Andrew Burt and Martin Bashir
2     "ID Parade"     Simon Block     Paul Seed     1 April 2004 (2004-04-01)     7.51 million

When a series of guns are discovered in a diving operation, the team open the case of a murdered policewoman when it is revealed that one gun, amongst a series of replicas, is the weapon that was used to kill her. The team suspect that a stalker, who was seen in the area at the time, is responsible for the killing, but when DNA evidence reveals that the same gun was used in an armed robbery six months previously, a web of lies involving a faked robbery and a gang of money laundering thieves is exposed.
Guest starring: Paul Brightwell
3     '"Painting On Loan"     Nick Fisher     Jamie Payne     8 April 2004 (2004-04-08)     5.87 million

A fake painting is discovered in the Queen's art collection. The investigation swiftly reveals a trail of frauds and suspicious deaths. The team find out who originally forged the painting, but discover he died in 1978. They uncover a link between the forger and an art dealer who also died in 1978. They ultimately find out that a criminal who unknowingly bought one of the fake paintings is responsible for trying to kill the forger, killing the dealer and for forcing the Royal curator to steal the real painting to replace his forgery.
Guest starring: Anthony Head, Hattie Morahan, Paul Copley and Christine Kavanagh
4     "1984"     Roy Mitchell     Jamie Payne     15 April 2004 (2004-04-15)     5.88 million

The murder outside a nuclear base in 1984 of Josh Livesey, a peace protester, is re-examined after Frank Fox, a fellow protester, is convicted of another killing. When Brian and Jack interview Fox, he fails to shed any new light on the situation, so Gerry and Sandra go in search of the other protesters who were present at the time. The team wonder if the murder could have been an assassination carried out by Special Branch. After discovering that one of the protesters was actually a mole for Special Branch, old secrets begin to unravel and the former protesters confront one another resulting in the identity of the murder among them being exposed.
Guest starring: Patrick Baladi, Suzanna Hamilton, Pearce Quigley and John Bennett
5     "Good Work Rewarded"     Roy Mitchell     Paul Seed     22 April 2004 (2004-04-22)     7.74 million

Twenty years after his murder, the case of a ten-year-old child found dead on a golf course is re-opened. The only suspect at the time, Ken Roger, committed suicide at the age of 17 after he was imprisoned during questioning over the killing. The team first attempt to chase up the investigators from the original investigation – and one, Diane Loveless – claims that she believed in Roger's innocence. The team then carry out DNA evidence, only to discover that the saliva left by the murder did not belong to Roger, and that he killed himself despite the fact he was innocent. With fresh evidence, the team must uncover the 20-year-old secrets that kept the police from discovering the truth.
Guest starring: Isla Blair, Cherie Lunghi, Jamie Glover, Stephen Moore, David Savile, Frank Mills and Jeremy Gittins
6     "Home Truths"     Alison Hume     Jon East     29 April 2004 (2004-04-29)     7.26 million

An old case, originally investigated by Brian during his time as a PC, resurfaces. The case, in which a young woman and her three-year-old child disappeared, was deemed a general missing persons case – however, upon investigation, Brian discovers that two similar disappearances occurred on the same date. The team believe that a man, Eric Grant, who came on to one of the women at a party, is responsible. And when the personal possessions of another of the missing women are found underneath his front room floor, the team believe they have finally found their man. However, the case takes an unexpected turn when one of the missing women is found to be alive, and living in Ireland – with the son of another of the missing women.
Guest starring: Frances Tomelty, Robert Pugh, Hugh Fraser, Philip Martin Brown and Patrick Baladi
7     "Talking To The Dead"     Simon Block     Jon East     6 May 2004 (2004-05-06)     7.72 million

In an attempt to make contact with his late wife Mary, Jack goes to see a clairvoyant. During his séance, he is contacted by a 17-year-old girl, who was murdered in a shipping container in 1982. Jack then decides to re-open the case, as her killer was never brought to justice. Brian and Gerry suspect a medium who was involved in the original investigation, claiming he had information about the girl he discovered through the paranormal. When it is revealed the girl faked her abduction to get her parents attention, the team coach the medium into revealing just what happened.
Guest starring: Robert Bathurst, Ken Bones, Patrick Baladi and Jan Chappell
[edit] Series 2: 2005

Series two was broadcast in 2005. The series featured eight episodes, and was produced by Tom Sherry. It did not originally carry any titles, however, for digital repeats and the DVD release was given titles for clarification.
#     Title     Writer     Director     Airdate     Original rating[14]
8     "A Delicate Touch"     Roy Mitchell     Jon East     9 May 2005 (2005-05-09)     7.86 million

The UCOS team looks into the death of David Barrie, a well-known legal barrister, who was found dead in his car in 1980, after being bound and gagged.
Guest starring: Nicholas Jones, Keith Barron, Nadim Sawalha, Anita Dobson and Jenny Agutter
9     "Family Business"     Roy Mitchell     Juliet May     16 May 2005 (2005-05-16)     7.54 million

When an ex-con, who has since found religion, owns up to several race attacks he committed many years ago, the spotlight is thrown onto one attack that the con claims he did not carry out. The team attempt to discover who committed the attack on the woman, who has since been left in a coma.
Guest starring: Shaun Dooley, Navin Chowdhry, Nina Wadia and Keith Allen
10     "Trust Me"     Howard Overman     Martyn Friend     23 May 2005 (2005-05-23)     8.25 million

The case of Hannah Taylor, who was kidnapped from her home in 1992, is reinvestigated when it is discovered that the body, previously thought to be Hannah's, has been identified as another kidnap victim.
Guest starring: Lisa Faulkner, Harriet Walter, Bill Moody, Nicholas Ball and Sam Hazeldine
11     "Old And Cold"     Nick Fisher     Graham Theakston     30 May 2005 (2005-05-30)     7.72 million

When tabloid editor Chris McConnell released information regarding the death of Bertie Campell, his wife, Kitty, who is about to become a DBE, is accused of his murder after a recording of their cookery programme over forty years ago.
Guest starring: Honor Blackman and Stephen Tompkinson
12     "Creative Problem Solving"     Karen McLachlan     Martyn Friend     6 June 2005 (2005-06-06)     6.85 million

Probate assessor Elise Allen asks the team to find the rightful owner of a large uncut red diamond. It is discovered that the rare jewel, which is found to be worth around £15 million pounds, belonged to John Newman, a banker who died under suspicious circumstances in 1982.
Guest starring: Rita Tushingham, Anthony Valentine, Miranda Pleasence, David de Keyser, Jonathan Tafler and Stuart Organ
13     "Eyes Down For A Full House"     Roy Mitchell and Danny Miller     Juliet May     13 June 2005 (2005-06-13)     6.88 million

When Gerry loses a poker game to bookie Michael Jacobs, he finds out that he owes him a sum of £10,000. However, Jacobs offers him a chance to clear his debt, by finding out who killed his father Joe, who was killed during a mugging outside Walthamstow Stadium in 1983.
Guest starring: Philip Whitchurch, Kieran O'Brien and Gillian Taylforth
14     "Fluke Of Luck"     Nick Fisher     Jon East     20 June 2005 (2005-06-20)     7.47 million

When the team investigates the case of two boys abducted from a fishing lake in 1979, Brian believes that there could be a link to a set of recent kidnappings around the M25.
Guest starring: Nigel Lindsay, Seeta Indrani, Richard Hope and Steve Emerson
15     "17 Years Of Nothing"     Roy Mitchell     Graham Theakston     27 June 2005 (2005-06-27)     7.24 million

The team try to find the identity of the remains of an unidentified woman, who was found back in 1987. Things prove tricky, however, but persistence and hard work pay off – and the remains are matched to Faye McCloud, who went missing in the highlands of Scotland in 1986. The team then uncover a drugs operation and an affair that could have been connected to her death.
Guest starring: Timothy West, Graham Pountney and Jane Asher
[edit] Series 3: 2006

New Tricks was given a double commission, for a third and fourth series to be produced. Series three was shown in 2006, with eight episodes; it was produced by Francis Matthews.
#     Title     Writer     Director     Airdate     Original rating[14]
16     "Lady’s Pleasure"     Lisa Holdsworth     Rob Evans     17 April 2006 (2006-04-17)     7.62 million

The car driven by a teacher who died in a crash is returned to the victim's husband, Stephen Murray, five years after her untimely death. Sandra, who worked on the original case, reopens the unsolved case. She is somewhat less than unbiased about the case, and is certain the husband is the guilty culprit, citing lack of emotion shown by the husband.
Guest starring: Charles Dale, Siobhan Redmond, Denise Black and Steve John Shepherd
17     "Dockers"     John Johnson and J. C. Wilsher     Rob Evans     24 April 2006 (2006-04-24)     7.10 million

The death of Joe Walsh, whose body was found in the Thames in 1975, is reinvestigated. Walsh was General Secretary of the Crane Driver's Union. He was suspected of financial improprieties at the time of his death.
Guest starring: Kenneth Colley, Fiona Dolman, Frances Barber, Dave Hill, Maggie Steed and Michael Howe
18     "Old Dogs"     Steve Coombers     Juliet May     1 May 2006 (2006-05-01)     8.58 million

The team investigates a series of dog mutilations, which appear to be linked to similar killings in the same area some 30 years ago.
Guest starring: Michael Maloney, Frances de la Tour, Richard Briers and Joseph Millson
19     "Diamond Geezers"     J. C. Wilsher     Juliet May     8 May 2006 (2006-05-08)     8.25 million

The vicious criminal Chopper Hadley returns to England to bury his father. Jack is viciously intimidated after being tricked into attending the funeral. Brian is sent undercover with a green officer to investigate Hadley.
Guest starring: Patrick Malahide, Christopher Fairbank and Emma Cunniffe
20     "Wicca Work"     Roy Mitchell     Roberto Bangura     15 May 2006 (2006-05-15)     7.84 million

The death of Craig Rossiter, a local librarian, is reinvestigated when a woman insists it was because of witchcraft.
Guest starring: Poppy Miller, Campbell Morrison, Dearbhla Molloy, Stephanie Beacham and Alison Skilbeck
21     "Bank Robbery"     Jacquetta May     Roberto Bangura     22 May 2006 (2006-05-22)     8.73 million

When a former police informant returns to the country after 17 years on the run, he reveals information to Gerry about a bank robbery which left a cashier dead. The evidence points to Ray Cook, a legendary criminal who has since written a book and become a prime time celebrity.
Guest starring: Anton Lesser, David Roper, Gareth Hunt and Steven Berkoff
22     "Ice Cream Wars"     Lisa Holdsworth     Rob Evans     29 May 2006 (2006-05-29)     8.21 million

The battle between two families in the business of selling ice cream erupts once again. UCOS discovers most of their conflict has been exacerbated by predations of "the ice cream bandit", an armed robber whose targets were the ice cream vans of the two feuding families in the mid 1990s.
Guest starring: Sean Gilder, Natalie J. Robb, Joe Duttine and Edward de Souza
23     "Congratulations"     Roy Mitchell     Rob Evans     5 June 2006 (2006-06-05)     7.67 million

A school arson is being reinvestigated when the young man originally convicted of the crime, Luke Hanson, turns out to have an alibi after all. However, Jack is determined to get a confession from Luke’s father, Ricky, who is suspected of having killed his own brother about the same time. Jack believes Ricky Hanson set his own son up to take the fall for the arson to get him out of the way. As Jack investigates, he begins to believe that the elder Hanson may have been responsible for a tragedy closer to home.
Guest starring: David Troughton, Kevin Whately, Joe Absolom, Karl Johnson and Hannah Waterman

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